I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

13 Oct

Do not ask me why that title just popped into my head.  But I did see a video mashup of Korean pop star Psy’s song Gangnam Style with the Ghostbusters recently.  It was very funny.  If you’re wondering who in the world Psy is, where’ve you been??  Just for funsies, I’ll see about embedding the video of his song here – that is if I can figure out how to do that.   Nope, too tired to figure it out, have a link instead.  Don’t blame me if it makes you smile.  Or becomes an earworm.

And now I’ve got ghosts and pop songs on the brain and it reminds me of the only ghost I’ve ever encountered.  It was way back when…Mr. Dragon and I were living in a high rise apartment building that overlooked a graveyard – it was a pretty neat place and due to the window placement we could see the graveyard nicely as well as the July fireworks in three different cities.

We shared the apartment with two cats, Kimba Jean and Tio – both gone now and still missed.  Tio was a quiet thing.  When we first brought him home he was extremely shy.  I think he hid under the couch for two weeks, eating when us scary folks were sleeping.  But he was also very quiet, never meowed much, and remained pretty shy even after he came out from under the couch.

One day I was sitting on that same couch and reading (go figure!) and I heard him yowl.  I was absolutely startled and got up to see what had upset him.  When I got to where the hallway* was I saw him sitting there calmly, staring at a spot in the air about 6 feet up.  I looked where he was looking and didn’t see anything and looked back to him, as I did, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a nattily dressed older black man – suit and cap that looked to be from at least 20 years earlier – and as I looked back to that space my vision of him was fading but I could see that he tipped his hat to me.  So I looked back at the cat and he just looked back at me with his big green eyes, all calm serenity.  So, I told the air, “Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a good evening.”  What?  He was polite to me so I had to be polite back!  I never saw him again and the cat never indicated any other ghosts.  Gosh.  Even my ghost encounters are dull!  I suppose I should be thankful, eh?

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of my rocking chair redo but the camera died.  So, I’ll see if I can extract the before photos from the card and get photos of the finished chair at some point.  But, it is finally finished and very comfy.  Needs a cushion though.  Hm.  I think I have an idea for a cushion.  Will have to consult with someone though.  Someone with access to some pretty organic cotton fabric…you listening Maria?

I’ve also got another project in the works.  Remember the fairy door I painted a while back?  Well, a friend saw some hand made wooden fairy doors on etsy and now I’m working out how to make one without any power tools.  Should be interesting.  I’ve got some ideas percolating though.  It also makes me wish that my idea of a community workshop where, with a small fee, people can share the use of expensive and bulky and noisy power tools, actually existed.  But, I know I can get certain things cut for a small fee over at the local hardware store so that is a possibility but I’ve got grander ideas.  Naturally.

So, if I haven’t put you to sleep yet, squeeze your loved ones and dream of good things!

*Hallway.  Ha.  Grand word for a four foot square of space with two doors, one to the miniscule bathroom and one to the bedroom.  But hey, we had a good view!  And the maintenance men had thoughtfully painted over the dead cockroaches in the kitchen before we moved in!


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  1. Maria

    October 14, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Or they killed the roaches with the paint…

  2. Amberdrake

    October 14, 2012 at 8:53 am

    I’m not sure paint would even kill roaches.