Chobani Greek Style Yogurt

24 Jun

I don’t normally review stuff on my blog, I’m just not that commercially inclined – basically I’m too lazy.  But, I won a case of Chobani yogurt recently and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

I’ve tried just about every Greek-style yogurt out there and I’ve always returned to Chobani.  It just seems to have the best flavor, texture and not too much of the fruit on the bottom (some brands put way too much fruit in theirs).  So, when I heard I had won a case from Chobani’s Facebook page, I was very excited!

My excitement dimmed somewhat when I realized that the case wouldn’t be of flavors of my choosing but three of their newest flavors.  I’m very picky about my yogurt flavors and find most to be too sweet – I’m a tart kind of girl.  In fact, my favorite Chobani flavors are Pineapple and Lemon.

So I received the package last Thursday.  It came in a big box, with an insulating bag inside that was surrounding another box and four ice packs.  It was well protected on its journey to me!  I was a little worried about that part and wasn’t sure why they just didn’t send coupons, it would have been much cheaper (and would have used less energy and materials – are you listening Chobani??).  In any case, the yogurt arrived at the Dragon household safe and sound.

I didn’t try any of them right away – I was nervous.  I’m not terribly adventurous when it comes to foods and have problems trying new things.  The next day, however, I decided I had to at least try one of each.  So, that Friday, I tasted the one flavor I thought would be the best of the three: Blood Orange.

Chobani Blood Orange FlavorIt was good.  Nice and tart and not too much of the fruit.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with glee and it did not surpass my faves Pineapple and Lemon but it was definitely one I would buy in the future.



The next day I decided to go for the Passion Fruit Flavor.  I’ve never had passion fruit before.  I could feel my nose crinkle up, would I like it?  And then, the dreaded words were seen on the outside of the cup: includes seeds.

Chobani Passion FruitOh no.  I had tried their Pomegranate flavor in the past and while I loved the flavor, the hard seeds lessened my enjoyment of it and I’ve never eaten it since.  I was worried.  But, I figured, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t eat it.  No problem.  After mixing it up* and seeing all these black seeds (they look like small watermelon seeds) I got even more nervous.  There were a lot of them!  So, I tasted a small bit, removing the seed first.  Good flavor!  But what about the SEEDS??  Are they poisonous?  Apple seeds are poisonous.  They wouldn’t put poisonous seeds in a yogurt would they?**  No, they wouldn’t.  I can eat them.  So, I braced myself and took another spoonful, with seeds.  They were soft, I could chew them if I wanted but since you don’t really chew yogurt, there was no need.  From that point on I just chowed down.  So, I’m cool with the passion fruit seeds.  Though, I’d probably like it more if they weren’t in there.

Next up was the one flavor that didn’t sound the least bit attractive to me:

Chobani Apple Cinnamon FlavorApple & Cinnamon.  I love apples, but only the tart kind.  I like cinnamon, but not generally with apples (unless they are served to me piping hot at Cracker Barrell!).  I don’t like applesauce with cinnamon and that was what I was expecting it to taste like.  I finally gave it a try last night.  Fully expecting to not like it, the first taste was very surprising.  It was tart!  The cinnamon was very, very faint.  It was yummy!  And you know what, I think, of the three, that ended up being my favorite!  Go figure.

Will anyone else be sharing these with me?  Father In Law is not a fan of the Greek style yogurts, he doesn’t like the texture and finds them not sweet enough so he won’t be eating any.  Mr. Dragon likes it but isn’t a big yogurt eater (though I see that he did try one of the Blood Orange already!).  So I’ll probably have most of them to myself.  Yay!

Keep up the good work Chobani!

*Mom and I discovered, quite by accident, that we both eat about half of the plain yogurt BEFORE mixing it up with the fruit.  I thought it was kind of cute that we had the same way of eating it but had never eaten it in front of each other before.

**I know, I’m a total dork for even thinking this stuff.  Whatever.  At least you smiled!

Moral of the story?  Try new things, you might be pleasantly surprised!


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  1. Maria (BearMountainBooks)

    June 24, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    You are so funny! I try new foods all the time, although I’m not too sure about yogurt . Not a big yogurt eater here. Mostly I put it in cakes and coffee cakes…

  2. Amberdrake

    June 24, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Then you should try some Greek style yogurt!

    Don’t tell anyone I said this, but, vanilla flavored yogurt on french toast is really good. Shh! That’s a secret.

  3. JAV

    July 24, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    I like tart

  4. Amberdrake

    July 24, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Aren’t you just full of words Mr. V?

    Yes, tart is good. Probably why I like Granny Smith apples and Montmorency Cherries. And lemons.

    Why am I hungry now?