World Enough and Time

07 Apr

Sigh.  There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do.  Now that Mr. Dragon has a job (huzzah!), we should be able to get out and do more.  Of course, we’ve got a bit of catching up to do before we go off and do anything crazy like have dinner at an actual restaurant, but still!

Today I’ve got to go help mom because my brother is a lazy you-know-whatzit.  After her foot surgery she had to have a special bed installed for her healing and rehab period and instead of helping her rearrange the room so she could use it, he basically piled everything up along the walls.  Another SIGH.  And tomorrow I get to work – don’t get me wrong, extra hours are all to the good but this means no weekend for me.  So, Happy Easter?  I guess?

Since I’ve been pondering life like a window-shopper, I’ve been perusing art on the internet.  Beauty in all forms helps soothe the savage Dragon and I’ve found some lovelies I’d like to share.  In order to not annoy those wonderful artists I’m talking about, I won’t post their images here but link you directly to their sites – some of which have purchasing possibilities in case you happen to know people who must have that ‘branch of birds’ piece of art in their homes.

First is the artist Britney Lee who works a lot with paper.  In fact, I first saw her work for the 2011 Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition at Nucleus Gallery.  However, I’ve fallen in love with this piece she has for sale on Etsy:

I just love the different personalities of each of the birds in this work.  It makes me smile.  Smiles are always good.

Then there is Justin Gerard who does a lot of fantasy paintings including cover work for fantasy books.  Here is one of my favorites of his:

Not only do I love the idea of the knight sitting down with the dragon to a civilized cup of tea to settle their differences rather than fighting it out – I just love the humor in their faces.  They are all having a wonderful time.  Teatime with a dragon is definitely grounds for smiles all around.

Sebastien Mesnard does a lot of work that I enjoy – he has a moody style that suits my sometimes gloomy and sometimes giddy personality.   He does a lot of different types of work but you can see the common threads.  I especially liked his tribute piece for Jim Henson, A Frog and his Boy (you need to go about a third of the page down to see it, and don’t get distracted by the other stuff – though it is nice and attractive!)

If you want to see more interesting and fun art, the Nucleus Gallery is a good starting point.  They do exhibitions and tributes and whatnot all the time.  I haven’t yet explored all the Jim Henson stuff and there are tons more exhibitions I’d love to explore, one on dragons, line art and even the animal kingdom.  Ah.  If only there were world enough and time…

May you all have a wonderful holiday or not and hopefully your spring is nicer than ours which is basically almost summer.  Anyway, give someone a hug and spread the smiles around!!



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  1. Maria (BearMountainBooks)

    April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am

    That’s an awesome dragon! I love the little boy trying to pour tea!!!