Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

03 Feb

I see motorcycles on my commute daily.  Usually several.  They range from the tiny little Kawasakis to the tricked out Harleys.  This morning I saw one that made me giggle.  This guy was riding a customized Harley – all accoutrements were black.  The seat and all painting was black.  His German military style helmet was a shiny black.  He wore black leather chaps.  A black leather jacket.  Big, black leather boots.  So, big, manly man right?  Guess what he was sitting on?  A big fluffy pillow.  I just had to giggle*.  And then I wondered, is he from the Spanish Inquisition?  Because I didn’t expect that.

*I know, I know.  He probably had a very good reason for that big fluffy pillow.  Perhaps he just had surgery and the Harley was his only transportation** or maybe his seat was damaged somehow***  or perhaps some other perfectly normal reason exists for why he was sitting his manly man Harley on top of a fluffy pillow****

**I’m thinking that taking a bus would work.  Or a cab.

***See last comment.

****I can’t really think of one though.  Can you?



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