Well, hello there stranger!

01 Dec

I know.  I’ve been gone for a while.  I’m too chicken to see how long it has actually been.  We’ll just move on…

I’m fighting off a migraine at the moment so forgive me if I tend to ramble a bit.

First, news.  Um, there isn’t anything truly exciting on the news front at the Dragon household.  I almost lost my job in a takeover at my company.  They kept me on, much to my delight, and I’m even going to be handling new duties with possible extra dividends and the much larger corporation I now work for has much better benefits for its workers – so that is all good.  I also nearly lost the car to wear and tear but a week of trying this and replacing that and consulting with experts, we finally located the true problem and it was fixed relatively easily by Mr. Dragon – to my joy.  So for Thanksgiving I was thankful (in addition to the givens of being thankful for good health and family and friends) that I continue to have a job, a means to get there and a roof over my head.

We’ve survived Thanksgiving and we’ve begun the decorating process for Christmas.  And another year is about to end.  Whee.

However, I didn’t open up a new post in what seems like forever just to let you three know I’m doing as well as can be.  I saw a tweet by a book author that mentioned the extensive limitations put out by book bloggers regarding review requests from self-published authors.  Now, not being a book blogger myself – technically I sort of blog and sometimes mention books, I don’t solicit books for review here at Dragon Ashes because honestly, authors probably want more than three sets of eyeballs to see those reviews – I don’t really have a stake in this discussion but I’m human and we all have our opinions so I’m going to share mine.

First, and foremost, any book blogger has the right to put up any limits they feel like imposing.  That is just a given.  However, I do have opinions on the subject and now I’m going to subject you to them.  Don’t you feel special?

The limitations I’ve heard of regarding self-published books are put in place because there are a hefty number of authors out there trying to get their book noticed without the aid of a big publisher’s advertising budget or influence.  And many of those authors are excellent storytellers, many are horrid storytellers, many don’t feel the need of the extra expense of an independent editor or even beta readers, and many take the time and effort to have their books read, evaluated and criticized by someone other than their loving spouse/child/parent/best friend.  Book bloggers get loads of solicitations from these authors and they put up these limits (books must have a certain number of reviews or purchases or whatever before even being considered) in an attempt to increase the quality of the solicitations, or to at least weed out the worst.

In my opinion, however, the limits they put in place are not only arbitrary but self destructive.  How can you be the first to discover the most excellent book of the year when you want 100 other people to discover it first?

I get it.  I’ve seen books out there myself that aren’t worth the bits used to deliver them to my eyeballs.  Some with horrible grammar, some with dialogue so stilted and dull the characters are likely to fall asleep mid-sentence, some with misspellings and missing words and others labeled as cute and cuddly and family friendly full of graphic sex and violence and still others labeled as erotica that are so odd as to confuse porn stars.  But I think the limits in place by book bloggers that attempt to weed out the dreck also weed out the good stuff that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Of course, my opinion could be formed around misapprehensions about the actual limits used by book bloggers.  By all means correct me if I am wrong.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

13 Oct

Do not ask me why that title just popped into my head.  But I did see a video mashup of Korean pop star Psy’s song Gangnam Style with the Ghostbusters recently.  It was very funny.  If you’re wondering who in the world Psy is, where’ve you been??  Just for funsies, I’ll see about embedding the video of his song here – that is if I can figure out how to do that.   Nope, too tired to figure it out, have a link instead.  Don’t blame me if it makes you smile.  Or becomes an earworm.

And now I’ve got ghosts and pop songs on the brain and it reminds me of the only ghost I’ve ever encountered.  It was way back when…Mr. Dragon and I were living in a high rise apartment building that overlooked a graveyard – it was a pretty neat place and due to the window placement we could see the graveyard nicely as well as the July fireworks in three different cities.

We shared the apartment with two cats, Kimba Jean and Tio – both gone now and still missed.  Tio was a quiet thing.  When we first brought him home he was extremely shy.  I think he hid under the couch for two weeks, eating when us scary folks were sleeping.  But he was also very quiet, never meowed much, and remained pretty shy even after he came out from under the couch.

One day I was sitting on that same couch and reading (go figure!) and I heard him yowl.  I was absolutely startled and got up to see what had upset him.  When I got to where the hallway* was I saw him sitting there calmly, staring at a spot in the air about 6 feet up.  I looked where he was looking and didn’t see anything and looked back to him, as I did, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a nattily dressed older black man – suit and cap that looked to be from at least 20 years earlier – and as I looked back to that space my vision of him was fading but I could see that he tipped his hat to me.  So I looked back at the cat and he just looked back at me with his big green eyes, all calm serenity.  So, I told the air, “Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a good evening.”  What?  He was polite to me so I had to be polite back!  I never saw him again and the cat never indicated any other ghosts.  Gosh.  Even my ghost encounters are dull!  I suppose I should be thankful, eh?

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of my rocking chair redo but the camera died.  So, I’ll see if I can extract the before photos from the card and get photos of the finished chair at some point.  But, it is finally finished and very comfy.  Needs a cushion though.  Hm.  I think I have an idea for a cushion.  Will have to consult with someone though.  Someone with access to some pretty organic cotton fabric…you listening Maria?

I’ve also got another project in the works.  Remember the fairy door I painted a while back?  Well, a friend saw some hand made wooden fairy doors on etsy and now I’m working out how to make one without any power tools.  Should be interesting.  I’ve got some ideas percolating though.  It also makes me wish that my idea of a community workshop where, with a small fee, people can share the use of expensive and bulky and noisy power tools, actually existed.  But, I know I can get certain things cut for a small fee over at the local hardware store so that is a possibility but I’ve got grander ideas.  Naturally.

So, if I haven’t put you to sleep yet, squeeze your loved ones and dream of good things!

*Hallway.  Ha.  Grand word for a four foot square of space with two doors, one to the miniscule bathroom and one to the bedroom.  But hey, we had a good view!  And the maintenance men had thoughtfully painted over the dead cockroaches in the kitchen before we moved in!


Hello there! Long time no type!

24 Jul

It has been a while hasn’t it?  Well, real life is messy and cleaning it up takes a great deal of energy.  I’m very much ready for some improvement in the economy.

So what have I been doing?  Reading, of course.  Among other things.  You can always catch up on my reading by friending me on GoodReads or following my reviews there.  I’m still reviewing books for too in case you have any interest.

Working too, naturally.  And lots of it.  The summer is the slow time for us except it isn’t.  When the hotel isn’t busy and full of guests, we’re busy getting ready for new guests!  And since I will be going on a short vacation next week (woot!) I have to do twice the work this week to ensure everything goes smoothly while I’m gone.  Not that I’m indispensable, but I do handle quite a bit of work for many different people so even trying to figure out what needs to get done ahead of time is a bit tricky.

Add in some color with a wardrobe malfunction, and there you have what I’ve been up to since my last post.  Mostly.

Since my little recap was a touch boring, here is something fun to look at involving paper craft: and something to while away some time with:


Here is one of my little scribbles from Scribbler Too, I call her the Sad Lady.  Go create some art!


It is a trip!

01 Jul

Mr. Dragon and I got away for the weekend.  It has been so long since we had the chance that we needed just to get away to have fun for a change.  I’m pretty much a homebody anyway – antisocial and at ease with evenings spent doing nothing but reading or crafts or poking about in the garden.  However, everyone needs a break from their daily routine now and again so we saved and did it.  We didn’t go far, to Tampa.  We ate out at a place called Crazy Buffet that had touches of many different Asian cuisines plus quite a bit of standard generic fare.  Mr. Dragon, of course, gorged himself on sushi (‘not a wide selection, but fresh and tasty’) [there was a sushi chef right there crafting the rolls to replace as they were depleted] as well as some Thai cuisine, Vietnamese and anything with seafood in it.  The kim chee had him sweating!  Personally, I went for the hibachi – they had selections of raw meats and veggies that once I piled my plate full, they cooked right in front of me.  Then added sauces I chose (a mix of teriyaki and chili pepper).  It was delicious.  That reminded me of my favorite, what is called ‘Mongolian barbeque’ though I couldn’t begin to say whether this type of food service originated there or someone just named it that for fun – though with Mongolian barbeque, you normally pour on the spices and sauces yourself so you can mix and add as much or as little of each as you like.  In any case, it was a satisfying meal for both of us and we enjoyed it.

We then went to the Lowry Park Zoo.  I’m of two minds about zoos.  On the one hand, I hate to see animals caged up so that they cannot live their lives as they would in the wild.  On the other, I know that we humans are terribly destructive and many of the animals that live in that zoo have no other place to go because we’ve destroyed them or are in the process of doing so.  And if I had a third hand (wouldn’t that be ‘handy’?), I’d consider the conservation efforts that most zoos work for and the education and the help and safe harbor for wounded animals they also provide.  The three manatees we saw were all very terribly scarred by boat propellers and are clearly safer where they are.  Are they happy?  Who is to know?  I don’t.  In any case, despite the horrid heat and humidity, we had a good time.

While at the zoo we observed some interesting behavior.  No, not the animals.  One of the Animal Services Managers (that’s what his nametag said) was over by the rhinocerous pen writing up on a chalk board when the next rhino feeding time would be and how much it would cost to feed the rhino yourself.  He seemed to have a bit of difficulty.  As we stood there, he wrote “sat & sun” on the board.  Looked at it, erased it and started again.  He wrote “sun & sat” and then “feeding 1 $” and erased that and wrote “feeding 1 $” and then tried again…each time the dollar sign got either bigger or smaller or put further away.  While he was doing this, a kid came up and got excited and told his parents that the feeding would only cost a dollar.  When the guy heard this, he said ‘No, the feeding is actualy five dollars.’ and started to erase the whole thing.  About this time we gave up ogling the spectacle and went away.  We couldn’t decide if he was dyslexic, overheated or hung over.

Our hotel was pretty interesting too.  Nothing fancy – our basic requirements are bed, bathroom, cleanliness and a coffee pot in the room.  But, even though this was a budget hotel, on the back of the property they had a little man made lake with a ‘nature walk’ around the perimeter.  It had clearly seen better days and needed some repair.  There was so much erosion in one spot that a bench that had been placed in the ground was hovering over the water instead of ground.  But, while it could have used a bit of sprucing up with an eye to safety hazards (one of the fountains on the side of the lake had a large electrical plug right out in the middle of the path) it was quite nice.  The lake was populated by a great number of muscovy ducks, mallards, gallules, gulls and at least one cormorant.  There were three sets of moscovy ducklings – one was a single duckling, one was three ducklings and one had 15 ducklings.  Watching them was one of the best parts of the trip.  Most of the ducks were clearly used to humans traipsing around their territory but the momma ducks were definitely more skittish about letting anyone near their ducklings but they also had their routines and you could almost tell what time it was by where they were on the lake at any given moment.

In any case, we had a very nice weekend away from home but we are also very happy to be home!  I may have some pictures to share, depending on how well they came out – we didn’t bring the camera but used Mr. Dragon’s phone to snap a few.

Make someone laugh today!


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Chobani Greek Style Yogurt

24 Jun

I don’t normally review stuff on my blog, I’m just not that commercially inclined – basically I’m too lazy.  But, I won a case of Chobani yogurt recently and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

I’ve tried just about every Greek-style yogurt out there and I’ve always returned to Chobani.  It just seems to have the best flavor, texture and not too much of the fruit on the bottom (some brands put way too much fruit in theirs).  So, when I heard I had won a case from Chobani’s Facebook page, I was very excited!

My excitement dimmed somewhat when I realized that the case wouldn’t be of flavors of my choosing but three of their newest flavors.  I’m very picky about my yogurt flavors and find most to be too sweet – I’m a tart kind of girl.  In fact, my favorite Chobani flavors are Pineapple and Lemon.

So I received the package last Thursday.  It came in a big box, with an insulating bag inside that was surrounding another box and four ice packs.  It was well protected on its journey to me!  I was a little worried about that part and wasn’t sure why they just didn’t send coupons, it would have been much cheaper (and would have used less energy and materials – are you listening Chobani??).  In any case, the yogurt arrived at the Dragon household safe and sound.

I didn’t try any of them right away – I was nervous.  I’m not terribly adventurous when it comes to foods and have problems trying new things.  The next day, however, I decided I had to at least try one of each.  So, that Friday, I tasted the one flavor I thought would be the best of the three: Blood Orange.

Chobani Blood Orange FlavorIt was good.  Nice and tart and not too much of the fruit.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with glee and it did not surpass my faves Pineapple and Lemon but it was definitely one I would buy in the future.



The next day I decided to go for the Passion Fruit Flavor.  I’ve never had passion fruit before.  I could feel my nose crinkle up, would I like it?  And then, the dreaded words were seen on the outside of the cup: includes seeds.

Chobani Passion FruitOh no.  I had tried their Pomegranate flavor in the past and while I loved the flavor, the hard seeds lessened my enjoyment of it and I’ve never eaten it since.  I was worried.  But, I figured, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t eat it.  No problem.  After mixing it up* and seeing all these black seeds (they look like small watermelon seeds) I got even more nervous.  There were a lot of them!  So, I tasted a small bit, removing the seed first.  Good flavor!  But what about the SEEDS??  Are they poisonous?  Apple seeds are poisonous.  They wouldn’t put poisonous seeds in a yogurt would they?**  No, they wouldn’t.  I can eat them.  So, I braced myself and took another spoonful, with seeds.  They were soft, I could chew them if I wanted but since you don’t really chew yogurt, there was no need.  From that point on I just chowed down.  So, I’m cool with the passion fruit seeds.  Though, I’d probably like it more if they weren’t in there.

Next up was the one flavor that didn’t sound the least bit attractive to me:

Chobani Apple Cinnamon FlavorApple & Cinnamon.  I love apples, but only the tart kind.  I like cinnamon, but not generally with apples (unless they are served to me piping hot at Cracker Barrell!).  I don’t like applesauce with cinnamon and that was what I was expecting it to taste like.  I finally gave it a try last night.  Fully expecting to not like it, the first taste was very surprising.  It was tart!  The cinnamon was very, very faint.  It was yummy!  And you know what, I think, of the three, that ended up being my favorite!  Go figure.

Will anyone else be sharing these with me?  Father In Law is not a fan of the Greek style yogurts, he doesn’t like the texture and finds them not sweet enough so he won’t be eating any.  Mr. Dragon likes it but isn’t a big yogurt eater (though I see that he did try one of the Blood Orange already!).  So I’ll probably have most of them to myself.  Yay!

Keep up the good work Chobani!

*Mom and I discovered, quite by accident, that we both eat about half of the plain yogurt BEFORE mixing it up with the fruit.  I thought it was kind of cute that we had the same way of eating it but had never eaten it in front of each other before.

**I know, I’m a total dork for even thinking this stuff.  Whatever.  At least you smiled!

Moral of the story?  Try new things, you might be pleasantly surprised!


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Blood and Rain and Pretty Baubles

22 Jun

I gave blood today.  I love doing it though I don’t really enjoy the process.  Needles are not fun.  Thankfully I had my faithful Kindle with me and read the whole time.  This had the additional side affect of not forcing the phlebotomists to attempt conversation.  Are they phlebotomists?  I don’t know.  I just know I like that word ;-)  When I was finished (before two others who went in before me – go dragon blood, go!) I saw that it was pouring outside (we were in The Big Red Bus) so I had to run back inside and then, since it had taken nearly two hours (I don’t think they expected so many donors, which is a good thing I’d say) so I had to scramble to get caught up on my work.  The rest of the day went pretty quickly.

It has been raining since then, in fits and starts so the air feels like a damp sponge that you just can’t wring the last of the moisture out of.  Good for the greenery I suppose but my goodness the weeds are growing to monstrous proportions too!

I have also found some pretties to share.  I love these earrings made from recycled bicycle chains: though I’m not sure I could wear such large earrings, they’d probably annoy me.  However, there is a matching necklace: which looks like something I could definitely wear.  Owls seem to be very popular these days, though I’ve been a fan since mom’s macrame version way back when.  It was a plant hanger with a decorative owl motif.  Not really to my taste but I did like the owl.  Like a broken clock, my tastes match the day’s fashion every once in a while!  I also thought this bracelet/cuff was really interesting:

I’m very interested in finding out how this is done.  I suspect that some sort of transfer paper was used over the already bent brass and then the coating was put on.  Still thinking through.  I think I’d do it on copper, much better patina.  Or wood even!  It is a darned shame that I often lack the talent to realize some of the cool ideas I come up with.  Of course, it could be, though I HIGHLY doubt it, that the ideas aren’t terribly realistic or interesting.

I’m also on to a new project.  Mr. Dragon rescued an old and rather grey rocking chair from someone’s garbage pile.  He wanted to to use it as is but getting shorts snagged on the raggedy seat (and splinters!) convinced him it needed some work.  I’ve been working to fill in as much of the cracked bits with filler and sand down all the ragged parts.  All the restoration is finished now and we’ll move on to the painting portion.  I had originally wanted to spray paint the entire thing a nice medium brown but the spray paint I chose was textured.  I thought it would work well but I discovered that the texture wouldn’t work on the arms or back because it is uncomfortable against bare skin.  So, with the bottom portion this nice medium brown, I’m going to do the remainder in a leaf green and see if I can embellish it a bit.  I’ve got some before photos so once it is done I’ll show what I did with before and after.

I also plan on replacing the dark tree switchplate in our living room with something lighter to fit the space.  I’m thinking herbs but have not had success in actually rendering them so they are recognizeable as something other than green splotches.  Maybe I should decoupage instead?  Might look nicer.  Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome!

Hug your loved ones!

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Decorative Switchplates

08 Jun

I’m not an artist – I’m too much of a dabbler to really focus on any art and to be honest I don’t have a driving passion for it.  I do have a driving passion to see it but creating it is much different.  However, I’m also extremely tightfisted and like pretty things so I like to make my own when I can.  In our last house I had made decorative switchplates for all the rooms, different designs to fit whatever we put in there or just the colors on the walls.  I never photographed them and we left them there so I’ve started over on this house.  The first one I did was for the ‘library’ which is just an extra room that holds games and arts and crafts stuff and all my books.  It is still unfinished and in need of furniture (craigslist is sorely lacking in card tables for sale, doggone it!) but the switchplate was some childish, flowery, pink, plastic princess thing that I hated so I had to get rid of it.  Since the room isn’t decorated per se, I had to come up with something to put on it.  I decided on a lizard because we tend to have them everywhere here, real and decorative so it was an easy choice.  I then scoured the internets for lizard images I could copy (not an artist, must copy others’ work) and found one that was so silly and happy I had to use it.  I changed it a bit and here is what I ended up with:








Not a great photo but you get the idea anyway.  The next one I did was inspired by the Loggerhead Shrike family we had move in next door.  Sadly they have since moved on.  I believe the local mockingbirds ganged up on them and either killed them for their eggs or forced them to move before the eggs were laid.  They were such fun to watch and fierce defenders of their territory.  I wish they hadn’t either been run off or killed – I liked them much better than I like the mockingbirds who are mean and spiteful to every creature they see.  Anyway, this one was based on an brush and ink drawing I again found on the internet.  Working freehand in paint is fun but daunting!  Here it is:








I got a little too much flash there on the photo but again, you can at least see the pretty birdie!  I’ve got others in the ‘design’ stage which means I’m stuck for inspiration.  I keep getting ideas I can’t follow through on since I’m so horrible with drawing or painting things.  I need a nice, clean, easy to copy image that is also the right image for the design.  Sigh.  Well, I’ll come up with something.  You can buy decorative switchplates, even hand decorated ones if you’d like to make yours look nicer.  I’m guessing that would be easier than going my long and torturous route!

I also have to come up with a new fairy door as Mr. Dragon has insisted our home needs one.  I think I’ve got the perfect place to put it but again I’ll have to find the right door for the spot.  No fairies will move in if the door is horrible!

I’ve got a couple of new reviews up on bookspotcentral in case you care to look for them – just search for Amberdrake.  Also, feel free to ‘friend’ me on Goodreads, you can find me there as April Dwndrgn.

Go do something crafty!



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Hello Again!

08 Jun

All two of you regular readers must have been distraught with finding the site down for so long!  Basically some technical errors but the blog is back up and running now.  Cue the parades and celebrations in the streets…

You haven’t missed much in the Dragon household, don’t fret.  The garden, though down several tomato plants due to a mysterious malady, is still going.  We’ve moved the remaining tomato plants (one hanging and one potted) and we have left the peppers and all the herbs in our little plot as they seem to be very healthy and doing fine.

Big and Black are both also doing well – Big isn’t getting enough exercise due to my laziness and regular daily rainshowers.

Mr. Dragon is happy in his job, though he isn’t getting quite the 40 hours a week he would like, he enjoys the work and the people he works for and with – all to the good.

I’ll be getting back to a regular schedule of irregular postings, so keep in touch!


World Enough and Time

07 Apr

Sigh.  There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do.  Now that Mr. Dragon has a job (huzzah!), we should be able to get out and do more.  Of course, we’ve got a bit of catching up to do before we go off and do anything crazy like have dinner at an actual restaurant, but still!

Today I’ve got to go help mom because my brother is a lazy you-know-whatzit.  After her foot surgery she had to have a special bed installed for her healing and rehab period and instead of helping her rearrange the room so she could use it, he basically piled everything up along the walls.  Another SIGH.  And tomorrow I get to work – don’t get me wrong, extra hours are all to the good but this means no weekend for me.  So, Happy Easter?  I guess?

Since I’ve been pondering life like a window-shopper, I’ve been perusing art on the internet.  Beauty in all forms helps soothe the savage Dragon and I’ve found some lovelies I’d like to share.  In order to not annoy those wonderful artists I’m talking about, I won’t post their images here but link you directly to their sites – some of which have purchasing possibilities in case you happen to know people who must have that ‘branch of birds’ piece of art in their homes.

First is the artist Britney Lee who works a lot with paper.  In fact, I first saw her work for the 2011 Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition at Nucleus Gallery.  However, I’ve fallen in love with this piece she has for sale on Etsy:

I just love the different personalities of each of the birds in this work.  It makes me smile.  Smiles are always good.

Then there is Justin Gerard who does a lot of fantasy paintings including cover work for fantasy books.  Here is one of my favorites of his:

Not only do I love the idea of the knight sitting down with the dragon to a civilized cup of tea to settle their differences rather than fighting it out – I just love the humor in their faces.  They are all having a wonderful time.  Teatime with a dragon is definitely grounds for smiles all around.

Sebastien Mesnard does a lot of work that I enjoy – he has a moody style that suits my sometimes gloomy and sometimes giddy personality.   He does a lot of different types of work but you can see the common threads.  I especially liked his tribute piece for Jim Henson, A Frog and his Boy (you need to go about a third of the page down to see it, and don’t get distracted by the other stuff – though it is nice and attractive!)

If you want to see more interesting and fun art, the Nucleus Gallery is a good starting point.  They do exhibitions and tributes and whatnot all the time.  I haven’t yet explored all the Jim Henson stuff and there are tons more exhibitions I’d love to explore, one on dragons, line art and even the animal kingdom.  Ah.  If only there were world enough and time…

May you all have a wonderful holiday or not and hopefully your spring is nicer than ours which is basically almost summer.  Anyway, give someone a hug and spread the smiles around!!



Unintentional Email Humor

01 Mar
You may already know this but I love to laugh.  So instead of just dumping my junk mail folder, I scroll through for a looksee first*.  Some of it really cracks me up.  I get the usual round of “Friend, I need your help!” emails which aren’t funny though they make me shake my head (do your real friends begin an email message with “Friend…”?, no?  Mine neither.)  Go figure.  And truly the Canadian Pharmacy is desperate to get me to ‘enlarge’ myself.  Ha.  Even if I had the equipment I’m quite sure their pitches wouldn’t interest me, even when they are spelled properly.
I’ll list a few of the funnier ones but the one email that I read today that had me cackling out loud was not truly junk mail.  One of my banks decided to try and entice me to open a savings account.  Here is a short portion of the message and you’ll probably see why I laughed so hard:
“Open an X Bank Savings account with an opening deposit of $10,000 or more in new money and you’ll receive $124!”
I’m still giggling here.  That one wasn’t even in the junk folder.  I’m keeping it though, just in case I need a laugh later on.
Here’s a good one, they seem to have combined a couple of scams in the hope of luring more people: “Attention: Beneficiary – Confirm Email Notice From Microsoft Email Promo @2012″  Not sure where the ‘@ 2012 ‘ comes in but it sure makes it look OFFICIAL.  Um.  Not.
One from ‘Barrister Abdul Hazikah’ just reads “ATTN”.  Hm.  Ok.  I guess if you’re a scammer you don’t have to even have a lure, just toss something out there.  Hmph.  I’m disappointed in this one.  He wasn’t even funny.  Two thumbs down Mr. Barrister sir.
Oh and great news!  I’ve got mail from the United Nations!  They say “Payment received file update.  (TREAT AS URGENT)”  I’m quite sure that the United Nations has some urgent information for me.  Regarding a payment of some kind.  Yep, that sounds legit.
*I don’t scroll through for laughs but for stuff that gets sent there by mistake…sweepstake wins, notices from people I haven’t regularly corresponded with, other miscellaneous goodies.  So while I delete them all eventually, I go through them each day to ensure nothing important gets missed.   The added chuckles just make it more fun.